Unix program to interface to the RadioShack/Metex 22-168A multimeters.
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$Amigan: rsmeter/README,v 1.2 2004/10/28 20:29:55 dcp1990 Exp $
This is a package to interface to the RadioShack/Metex 22-168A multimeters.

To build, simply type


and watch it go with my ultra-super -Wall :-).

There are two executables that are built:

rsmeter is an ncurses interface, and is the one with the most features. Please use it.
Another executable is generated called util/rsmeter_non, which just spits the output to stdout. It could be used in shell scripts.
rsmeter_non might only work on FreeBSD, a little less so for rsmeter. (Patches please!)
Run rsmeter -h for usage. Sorry about documentation being so poor; here are some keys you can use:

'q' - quits the program properly (unlike ^C).
's' - stop logging (only works if you enabled logging).

Please note that the logging functions only append. This can be changed in the source.

If you found a bug (and preferably have a patch), email me at dcp1990@cox.net.
Simply type 'make' to build. There is no install target.
Any questions? Email the above address.
Under the GPL. See the 'COPYING' file for details.

There is a Perl script in this distribution to generate graphs from logfile output. It requires the GD::Graph module, available on CPAN. Run it as follows:

	perl/graphlog.pl logfile outpng

where logfile is the log file from RSMeter and outpng is the name of the png to create.

There is also a rudimentary TCL/Tk interface in the tcl directory under the name rsmeter.tcl. Change the top line to reference your wish executable.

Another misc. executable is built called checkrts. Try it if things don't seem to be working; it will tell you if RTS was ever asserted (necessary for the meter to respond).

Some have reported problems building on linux; if you find it so, let me know and, if you can, send patches. I am not sure about cygwin/mingw32, anyone willing to try is welcome to. It should work with PDCurses, since I didn't use fancy ncurses-only stuff.

-Dan Ponte
AIM: amigan940, usually on freenode as amigan.