Caller ID modem listener daemon for Unix.
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(C)2004-2005, Dan Ponte. Under the BSD license.
cid distribution v0.2

xcid requires X, obviously (pure Xt).
Edit the makefile if not on FreeBSD to comment out -DSPEAKER.
This is pretty hackish. For some debug stuff in either xcid or cidserv, use -DDEBUG in CPPFLAGS.

There is now cnd_mgetty, for use with mgetty's cnd-command parameter. No changes in the client are needed for this to work. To use it, change the ADDRS define at the top.
xcid can now use xosd (and libxosd). If you don't want to do this, remove -DUSE_XOSD and -lxosd from xcid/src/Makefile.
=========== now works with the new logfile format. Have a blast with it, but the verbose output can get annoying without a pager.